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I’m Alycia

a writer & Content specialist


My Services

Blog articles

Show how your brand is a leader in the field by keeping a steady flow of blogposts

Thought leadership

Develop insightful pieces that engage your target audience and draw attention to your brand without shouting about it


Copy editing

Bad grammar and missing fullstops can ruin good content. Get your message across with well-polished articles


Website copy

Let your brand personality shine with good website copy that not only tells, but sells


With eDMs and product descriptions, the lower the word count, the better. So make the word choice count


Case studies

Often, the best way to demonstrate the benefits of a product or service is through case studies. How can your past clients help you gain future clients?

About Me

I write for a living and I write when I’m on holiday. I write because I believe that words can breathe life into seemingly ordinary things, yet has the power to destroy. A former journalist, I now help brands tell their stories and share how they can impact the world in a positive way. 

some of my work

Editorial content

Editorial content

Here are some articles I've written when I was with Yahoo Singapore: These two were branded content for Spring Singapore, to encourage young people to apply for jobs at SMEs: More than just a place to work Hidden opportunities at SMEs Here's a feature on storyteller...

Lifestyle content

Lifestyle content

Here are some fun, engaging content for B2C brands. From the recent Valentine's Day event to promoting the Super Fun park in Kuala Lumpur, Here are some of my published pieces: Pandora's Valentine's Day promotion Launch of Kuala Lumpur's Super Fun Park The Azamara...

Thought Leadership pieces

Thought Leadership pieces

Helping leaders pen their thoughts on paper. Some of these pieces involve research on my end, which is then shared with the client prior to developing the piece. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to see more....

Case Studies

Case Studies

Here are some of the case studies I've written for Google Cloud and Facebook clients. Google Cloud case studies:

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